For my senior entrepreneurship capstone course, I participated in a consulting competition in which each team worked to come up with a solution that would improve a local gelato/sorbet company’s business.
After talking to the foremost experts in the ice cream industry and doing some thorough research, my team came up with a few main problems for our client and their industry. The problem we decided to tackle was “People don’t like spending money on things they don’t know they’ll like.”
With this, we came up with gelato/sorbet flights with three different flavors in each package. This product provides the consumers the opportunity to try new things while giving them the comfort of eating familiar flavors alongside.
With all of our research and solution in mind, I got to design the rebrand and packaging for our solution.
Photos of the mockup I printed and assembled for the client to get a feel for in-hand
My rebrand applied to their existing pint size
My team's solution won the pitch competition so I am eager to see how the client will choose to implement different elements of my design.
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