For my final semester of college, I spent a lot of time analyzing NBA sneaker culture. In general, sneaker culture is huge. With new drops every week, the anticipation of the next silhouette to retro, and celebrities dropping the latest collab, there's a huge fascination around sneaker culture.

The sneaker resell market is currently valued at $1B and much of the sales are motivated by a sneaker’s identification with a specific athlete. Today, all of the best players in the NBA have their own signature silhouette. With the high variety of models, brands, colorways, and more, NBA players rotate through their sneakers at a rapid rate.  Often, you'll see NBA players taking off their shoes at the end of the game and putting them straight into the hands of a fan. It’s adorable, of course, but what about the fans that can’t get front row seats to see their favorite player?

NBA sneakers currently have a passionate and robust culture with no greater cause. Many players are eager to give back and many even have their own charity. All of this lead me to my concept of Hero Kicks. Hero Kicks is a web-based platform that allows NBA players to auction off their game-worn sneakers for a charity of their choice. Fans are able to browse through their favorite players, teams, and models and bid on a one of a kind pair of shoes knowing they're supporting a greater cause. I designed branding and website for this solution.
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