The Cleveland Cavaliers 2022-23 Nike City Edition uniform was designed by Cavaliers Creative Director, Daniel Arsham and is inspired by the Cleveland Metroparks. "From the miles and miles of bustling Lake Erie coastline to the award-winning Cleveland Metroparks, the colors and tones of our City Edition uniform represent the incredible natural resources that make up our home region," said Arsham.
For this launch, we wanted to make sure we incorporated elements of nature and the Cleveland Metroparks into the campaign to tell the full story of the uniform. Major credit to all of our creative teams for coming together on this big project. A big reason that we were able plan the launch around this photo shoot was because of our creative teams' willingness to dream big, act swiftly, and work together.

Photography: Jimmy Longo, Annie Shutz, Courtney Payton
Set Design: Bailey Mincer, Ryan Shadle, Mason Friedman
Graphic Design: Bailey Mincer, Ryan Shadle, Mason Friedman
Website Design: Ashley Enyeart, Bailey Mincer
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